Apply for your holiday home licence Tenerife

To run a holiday home on the Canary Islands legally you need a Licencia Vivienda Vacacional home holiday licence Tenerife .

In order to operate a holiday property on the Canary Islands, it is necessary to obtain a holiday home licence or Licencia Vivienda Vacacional. This document is essential, as it ensures that your property meets all the necessary legal requirements and standards to operate as a tourist accommodation. 

Why apply for a Licencia Vivienda Vacacional ?

First and foremost, obtaining the holiday home license is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to operate a holiday property on the Canary Islands. Without this license, you risk incurring hefty fines and penalties, not to mention the potential damage to your reputation and loss of future business.

Moreover holding an Licencia Vivienda Vacacional holiday home licence Tenerife can help to increase the visibility and credibility of your property to potential guests. As many travelers prefer to stay in licensed (approved) holiday homes, they provide a sense of legitimacy and assurance that the property has been vetted and approved by the relevant authorities.

So how about applying for a Licencia Vivienda Vacacional

The way we apply for the Licencia Vivienda Vacacional for our clients consists of two stages of process
Stage 1 – Initial Assessment of the Property
Stage 2 – Application for Licencia Vivienda Vacacional

STAGE 1 - Check your property's eligibility.

Before you start the application process, you’ll need to ensure that your property is eligible for an Licencia Vivienda Vacacional. Therefore the Canary Islands government has specific criteria that must be met, such as having a separate entrance, being located in a residential area, and having adequate safety measures in place. Many comunities have additional requirements as well which needed to be met.

In general the process requires following documents from the owner of the property:

  • A copy of the passports and NIE Certificates of all registered
    owners as stated on the Title Deeds (Escritura).
  • Liciencia Primera Ocupación OR Cédula de Habitalidad- if you dont have that available you need to apply for it extra. This may require the help of a technical architect. 
  • Last Annual Rates Receipt (IBI – Impuestos Buenas Inmuebles).
  • Certificado Municipal
  • Nota Simple – the Certificate from Land Registry.
  • Your Title Deeds (Escritura) of the property

After Meeting the requirements given and having all documents ready to provide you will have a good idea of whether or not your property in the Canary Islands will be granted a Touristic License. So if we think there is a good chance you will be granted a Licencia Vivienda Vacacional, we will proceed on to Stage 2

STAGE 2 - Preparation and application

Next, you’ll need to prepare all the necessary documentation for your application, such as the mentioned above. 

Moreover the process requires following documents – which needs to be partly applied – from the owner of the property:

  • Enrolment in the Tax Office (Hacienda) and in IGIC (VAT).
  • Floorplan of your property
  • Location Plan which is to apply from the local Town Hall /Ayuntamiento if it is not
    available in Escritura
  • Photographs of each room
  • Your home address, contact telephone numbers and emails.
  • The maximum occupancy of your property
  • Declaration of means of advertisement of your property for rent. You need details of each method of advertising as well as names of companies
    you will use.
  • Price list which must include 6,5% IGIC (VAT).
  • A copy of your House Insurance Policy.
  • Power of Attorney (Poder) in case a trustee is send to apply your license
  • You need a certificate from the community that you are allowed to holiday
    let if a community exists f.e. multi party properties such as apartment blocks .
  • Sworn declaration of responsibility.This can be made by the owner, or
    the letting agent 

If your property passes the inspection, you’ll then need to pay the Licencia Vivienda Vacacional application fee. The exact amount will depend on a range of factors, such as the size and location of your property.

In conclusion, obtaining a Licencia Vivienda Vacacional holiday home licence Tenerife is an essential step for anyone looking to run a holiday property on the Canary Islands. By following the necessary steps and requirements, you can ensure that your property meets all the necessary legal and safety standards, while also boosting your credibility and visibility among potential guests. So if you’re considering renting out your property on the Canary Islands, be sure to start the application process today.



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