We make your marketing (better) !

With CanariasLibre we have created an instrument with which we are able to convey holiday homes and apartments to specific target groups and raise and sustain the profitability of your and our objects.

Besides the platform giants like AirBnB or Tripadvisor – which of course we also serve – there are many small and medium-sized websites and channels with a strong niche focus, be it in the Canary Islands themselves or in specific national markets or both.

In order to attract guests successfully, the following services are necessary.

Market relevant Platforms and Websites

From the existing platforms and websites worldwide, we identify the relevant and important and advertise your apartment. Parameters for identification are e.g. the object type, location, and or a specific audience.

Moderation: Holiday home platforms love activity on your profile! We continuously edit the content and change new images. We keep your object profiles alive! This generates authenticity and increases the visibility and traffic on most platforms.



We know the competition

Efficient rental means a higher income at a lower cost. Only that counts! HomeAgent.one constantly monitors the market in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, its competitors and possible events affecting the bookings. We offer an active pricing policy for the most efficient revenue creation possible

Time is money

Through listing the object on many different platforms calendar management is essential to avoid double bookings. Double booking leads to huge problems and costs solving the expectations of these 2 bookings . HomeAgent.one automatize those processes in real time. As soon a time span is booked on a platform it is immediately blocked for all other.



To understand the wishes of our guests begins by its first contact.

As soon a guest has booked a holiday in your object we immediately take contact with the guest. We accompany and support the new visitor with useful informations all around the object, arrival, stay and the holiday destination itself. We make the guest feel welcome before arrival !

We are friendly 🙂

With the departure of your guests the job is not finished yet. Most holiday home rental platforms require a rating swap afterwards. It should be noted that a bad rating is not the end of a good reputation. Instead, interacting with the problem proactively and in a polite way is important. That’s what the platforms reward with visibility.



Active on all channels

In addition to general listing and moderation on the relevant rental platforms, we actively promote our properties in the context of events, promotions and our own guest loyalty programs on the terms of our agreements.

Our all-round carefree package!

We are happy to cover all areas for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Of course, you can also only purchase individual services.


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Property Management

We help you with Administration | Care taking | Cleaning & Garden services | Maintenance | Security and much more. 

Vacation home service

We legalize your vacation home | promote on the Tenerife relevant channels | Take care of house and guests | Perfect quality management.

Consulting services

Support for your formalities | tax advice | Investment consultation & object scouting | setup services | Insurances