Assistance for house and life on Tenerife

Benefit from the experience of our company and our partners here on the Canary Islands !

From the tourism, real estate development and related service industries -we support you on all topics related to the development of your center of life or investment in the Canary Islands.

Assistance in all questions related to authorities and offices in Tenerife

Includes the following services:

  • Visits to authorities individually or as an accompaniment
  • Mediation / intervention / processing / accompaniment of registrations, cancellations and re-registrations of any service, including insurance and vehicles
  • Holiday rental licenses complete processing (registration/deregistration and re-registration plus subsequent processes such as police registration, renovation of the license)
  • NIE, NIF and CIF numbers
  • Translations German-Spanish-English



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  • Tax accounting
  • Municipal taxes and fee settlement, payment processing, virtual account management
  • Tax processing after the purchase of a property, registration of the house in the land registry as well as processing of costs and fees in connection with the purchase (ITP, notary + land registry costs)
  • Document review and processing of letters from authorities with legal support | after effort | at cost

Investments on the Canary Islands must be well thought. It holds great oportunities but risks as well.

We offer consulting regarding markets and investments in various possibilities on the Canary Islands. From properties to operating businesses. We coach, we proof and we assist to assure your investment to be successful.



We are scouting for your perfect property on Tenerife

Together with our partners we research and find your property regarding your requirements.

Therefore we work together with the best and most reliable services on the island. Get in touch with us.

Keep your property safe !

We work with the most reliable companies in the Canary Islands both in home security and surveillance services and in the insurance sector. Our property maintenance service also includes an assessment of any burglary damage.



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We have the solutions ! Choose our services regarding your needs. Stress free for you ! Every of our services is individually applicable. Request a consultation and we will find out together about your needs and requirements.


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Property Management

We help you with Administration | Care taking | Cleaning & Garden services | Maintenance | Security and much more. 

Vacation home service

We legalize your vacation home | promote on the Tenerife relevant channels | Take care of house and guests | Perfect quality management.

Consulting services

Support for your formalities | tax advice | Investment consultation & object scouting | setup services | Insurances