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Who rests rusts !

This also applies to houses and apartments. In times when a property is empty for a long time, it is necessary to let the house breathe regularly, to check the water and power connections or to give the house plants some water.

In order to follow these needs, we offer our regular home care service. We strictly follow the individual agreements made with our clients. Furthermore, we log the process transparently for our clients.

Our service includes the following services:


  • Open windows and doors for ventilation
  • Also ventilate and check garages or separate studios
  • Checking of all pipes, toilets and running water and sanitary facilities
  • Control of the refrigerator(s).
  • Check furnace, chimney
  • Check all electrical connections
  • General garden control
  • Check all exterior doors/windows for signs of a break-in
  • Check and empty mailboxes
  • Water plants indoors, terraces or balconies.

With our property support service, the classic property inspection is carried out with one visit per week or every 2 weeks.

A log of each visit is left/sent to our client, from which the inspections, including the date and time, are detailed. In the event of an incident, we contact our client immediately.

We are happy to carry out cleaning and gardening work as part of property management. We will be happy to make you an individual offer after viewing the property.


Monthly flat rate 1x per week property inspection: 179.00

Monthly flat rate (2x per month property inspection): 129.00

all prices plus valid IGIC
these prices refer to objects with a maximum of 150 square meters of living space. For larger properties, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.
If an object is inhabited, there is no support by us.


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